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An expert renovation builder in Brisbane is the key to unlocking the full potential of your property. Whether it’s for improving living spaces or enhancing market value, they provide the expertise and quality workmanship you need for a successful renovation. Renovating your house is an excellent way to improve or add more living space and can increase the market value of your property.

If you are looking to renovate, extend or add to your home or business then give the team at BBI Professional Services a call. We specialise in small to medium renovation builds with no hidden costs, fair pricing and high-quality workmanship.

Our services include:

Whether you require internal or external renovations or both, the team at BBI Professionals are the experts at providing quality renovations, every time. 

When you’re seeking renovations, often little problems pop up that you either don’t have the time or resources to sort out. This is why we have a home handyman Brisbane team, a locksmith Brisbane team, as well as Brisbane fencing & residential repairs. In this way, BBI Professionals cover you across the bases.

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All work is fully insured. 

Experienced renovation builders on Brisbane’s Northside

If your goal is to add value to your most important asset, consider our local Brisbane Northside carpenters. They are adept at handling renovations that demand intricate carpentry work, adding both value and style to your property.

Whether you are looking at remodelling your kitchen, giving your bathroom a makeover or just knocking out walls to increase your living space, BBI Professionals are the team for the job!

Renovation excellence in Brisbane Southside

A renovation builder in Brisbane Southside can expertly transform your property, offering customised solutions that enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your home. For those in the Southside, our fully qualified carpenter in Brisbane South is integral to our team of renovation builders. They bring specialised skills to each renovation project, ensuring your home benefits from both aesthetic and functional improvements.

Our expertise covers everything from transforming kitchens to modernising bathrooms, and expanding living spaces through strategic renovations. As dedicated renovation builders in Brisbane Southside, we bring a blend of innovation and craftsmanship to each project, ensuring that every renovation not only meets but elevates your lifestyle and property value. Reach out to our skilled renovation builders to discuss your renovation aspirations, or explore our extensive array of home improvement services.

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The renovation journey with BBI Professionals

The art of transformation: our building process

Every home tells a story. Over the years, the narrative may require an evolution to resonate with changing times, lifestyles, or even family structures. That’s where the magic of home renovations steps in. And at BBI Professionals, one of the leading Brisbane home renovation builders, we don’t just renovate homes; we rejuvenate stories.

Your renovation project begins with a conversation, a warm and inviting session in Brisbane city, where we merge ideas. A chance to lay bare your aspirations, needs, and envisioned outcomes for your space. Our team of dedicated professionals, known as some of the best renovation builders in Brisbane, will sit with you, absorbing the essence of your ideas. They'll listen to your dreams, reflect on them, and collaborate with you to ensure that your home renovations are not just dreamt but lived. Our objective is to bring them within the realm of possibility, all while maintaining a keen eye on your budget, ensuring there's a harmony between your vision and financial comfort.

Every dream needs a tangible manifestation, a structure that it can call home. Once we grasp your requirements, we embark on the design and planning phase for your home renovations, which is both art and science for us. This is where dreams get a shape, where ideas find their colours, and imaginations assume form. Our expert designers and planners, with their rich tapestry of experience, will provide you with drafts, layouts, and visualisations, ensuring they not only mirror your vision but also amplify it in ways you hadn't imagined.

At the heart of any great home renovation is the choice of materials, the very building blocks of your dream. The essence of a high-quality renovation lies in the materials used. Whether it's the rustic charm of oak for your living room flooring that narrates tales of yore or the calming shade of blue for your bedroom walls that envelops you in tranquility, every material choice matters. Our specialists, with their acute understanding of aesthetics, guide you in making these pivotal decisions, ensuring longevity and style seamlessly blend.

The sketches have been made, the blueprint laid out, and now, it's time for the magic to unfold. With plans in place and materials sourced, the metamorphosis of your home renovation begins. Our seasoned tradesmen, who are more artists than workers, armed with years of experience, delve into the execution phase with unmatched precision. From the first nail that's hammered in to the final touch of paint that adds life, every step is taken with care, passion, and a commitment to perfection, ensuring your home is transformed just the way you envisaged, if not better.

Our association is not a mere transaction; it's a bond. The bond we forge with you goes beyond the completion of a home renovation project, transcending into a lifelong relationship. We're always there for you, standing by our work, and ensuring any post-renovation niggles are addressed swiftly. Your satisfaction, your comfort, and your peace of mind remain our top priority, long after the dust has settled and the echoes of construction have faded away.


Qualified Team

Our team are fully licensed and experienced in providing expert building and carpentry services around Brisbane. QBCC Licence No. 15106898


Highest Standards

Whether it's painting, plastering, carpentry or electrical, our Brisbane tradesmen treat every job with the same care and commitment.


Reliable & Honest

Trust BBI Professional to provide reliable and efficient renovation services for your home or business.


Local Mastery

We may be deeply rooted in Brisbane, but our expertise is global. Our team's vast experience combined with an understanding of local nuances ensures that your home is both contemporary and attuned to Brisbane's unique charm.


Tailored to You

At BBI Professionals, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. Every home, every owner has a distinct narrative. Our mission is to craft solutions that align perfectly with your personal style, preferences, and aspirations.


Safety, Our Bedrock

While we're passionate about aesthetics and functionality, the safety of our constructions remains paramount. Our team is trained to adhere to rigorous safety standards, ensuring your renovated space stands the test of time.

Your renovation questions, answered!


Typically, no. But for extensive home renovation projects like complete home renovations or luxury home renovations in Brisbane, especially those causing significant disruption, we might recommend temporary relocation. As a leading renovation builder in Brisbane, we understand the inconvenience and strive to minimise the impact on your daily life. Our project management skills ensure a smooth process, aiming to keep your dream home transformation as hassle-free as possible.

While it varies, strategic renovations, particularly in key areas like bathroom renovations, can yield an ROI of 70-80%. In Brisbane City, home renovations have consistently appreciated in value. Our expertise as quality home renovation builders means we focus on enhancing your property's market worth, ensuring your renovation project is not just about aesthetics but also about financial gain.

The first step is consultation. Reach out to us as your renovation builders in Brisbane to share your vision. We provide guidance on feasibility, budget considerations, and potential designs for your building project. Our approach to a fantastic renovation and home extensions starts with understanding your needs, ensuring that your dream home becomes a reality with our expertise.

Despite meticulous planning, unforeseen challenges can arise in home renovations in Brisbane. Our experienced team, skilled in the building industry, addresses these efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption. We always communicate transparently with the homeowner, offering solutions and alternatives.

As experienced renovation builders in Brisbane, we are committed to transparent communication and meticulous planning. Any potential additional costs are always discussed and approved by you, the homeowner, before being incurred. We understand the importance of sticking to a budget, particularly in extensive home renovations in Brisbane. Our project management expertise ensures that we anticipate and mitigate possible financial deviations, ensuring your renovation project delivers the envisioned results without unexpected financial surprises.

As experienced renovation builders in Brisbane, we are committed to transparent communication and meticulous planning. Any potential additional costs are always discussed and approved by you, the homeowner, before being incurred. We understand the importance of sticking to a budget, particularly in extensive home renovations in Brisbane. Our project management expertise ensures that we anticipate and mitigate possible financial deviations, ensuring your renovation project delivers the envisioned results without unexpected financial surprises.

Every renovation project we undertake is in strict compliance with local Brisbane regulations and standards. As Brisbane builders, we pride ourselves on our thorough knowledge of Brisbane-specific requirements in renovating homes. This is especially crucial in luxury home renovations in Brisbane, where adherence to local codes is essential for both safety and legal compliance. Our team's expertise ensures that all projects, whether they are bathroom renovations or full-scale home renovations, meet the highest standards set by local authorities.

We offer flexibility in sourcing building materials for your renovation project. While we can recommend and provide high-quality materials, if you have a preference or have already sourced materials, we are happy to work with them. This approach allows you to personalize your dream home to your taste and ensures that your home renovation reflects your unique style. Whether it's for a specific type of wood for decking or a custom finish for your interiors, we are here to make your vision a reality.

Open communication is a key part of our project management strategy. We ensure you are regularly updated throughout the building project. This includes progress reports, milestones, and any adjustments or decisions that need to be made. Keeping you informed and involved is crucial, especially in complete home renovations or luxury home renovations Brisbane, where details and preferences are key. Our aim is to make your renovation builder Brisbane experience as collaborative and transparent as possible, ensuring your satisfaction with every step of the process.

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A home is more than bricks and mortar; it’s a canvas of memories, emotions, and dreams. Renovation is the art of reshaping this canvas, ensuring it aligns with evolving narratives. BBI Professional Services recognises the significance of this transformation. We’re not just in the business of hammer and nails; we’re in the business of passion, dedication, and commitment to turning visions into reality. With our expertise, your home will not just undergo a physical change but will emerge as a rejuvenated space echoing with renewed stories and dreams. Ready to embark on this beautiful journey? BBI Professionals are at your service, ensuring every step is a masterpiece in its own right. Contact us, and let’s begin crafting your home’s next chapter.

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